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Spedizione & Resi

For all items sold directly to the customer from our online store we give people a 30 calendar days 'no questions asked' send-back possibility (counting from the next day of delivery). In this case, we will deduct €30 for the shipment and insurance costs we have had. Extra shipping and insurance costs the buyer has paid for other destinies then the EU or US won't be refunded. All our expenses, such as (but not limited to) the payment of VISA fees, UPS/FEDEX fees for shipment and insurance, auction listing fees, customs and import duties and fees, and also the cost of administration and adjustment, and re-adjustment, of the subject of the sale are charged at your expense.

  • in order to receive the refund, the buyer must return the item to us in the same manner it was received (packaged in Bedbur package, insured at the buyer's charge and sent by the same transporter express at the buyer's charge using the same export harmonized code as was used by Bedbur)
  • any customs or import duties and fees, whether assessed by any governmental authority or other person or entity, are not included in the total purchase price, and will therefore not be refunded.
  • these foregoing rights of rescission are only available to the original buyer and may not be assigned to, or relied upon, by any subsequent transferee of the property sold
  • return policy is not applicable on items bought per lay-away
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